AeroCaps - for Pickups

A Project to create a More Fuel Efficient 2008 Dodge Dakota Pickup, increasing Efficiency using basic Aerodynamics and Air Flow Control with AeroCap shapes. May be applied to all Pickup Brands and Styles with variations, and adjusted for Non-Pickup Style Vehicles, creating Boat-Tails for the same purpose.

aero - derived from aeronautics, Aerodynamic Force - the resultant force exerted on a body by the air (or some other gas) in which the body is immersed, and is due to the relative motion between the body and the fluid.

cap - A camper shell, sometimes known as a topper or cap, is a small housing or rigid canopy used as a pickup truck accessory atop the pickup

Pickup - A pickup truck (or simply pickup) is a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear

AeroCaps - (Plural) Multiple Designs to Be Developed for varying stylistic and functionality in both aerodynamic and physical performance.

This Project is being fited on my Truck, a 2008 Dodge Dakota Extra Cab Pickup Truck. It's purpost is to increase the Aerodynamic performance and fuel efficiency of the Vehicle.
It is also a desig project for the sake of learning how to handle materials, as well as managing matching curves (mirror images)!

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Some images of the work in progress:

aerocaps right side view aerocaps right rear angle view aerocaps rear view aerocaps left rear angle view
Right Side View of the Aerocap showing the general curvature. General view of the Aerocap from the Right Rear. The Rear View of the cap as you would see it in traffic. About what you would see of the aerocap as you passed it.

It has already shown itself as being valuable in two areas, the vehicle is now more quiet, with less turbulence, and less noise in the Pickup Cab; and the fuel efficiency is typically on par with EPA or Canadian Fuel Effiency Ratings, even though I am not driving just 90 Kmh!

While I work on this project for pickup trucks, and others, the web site work will progress slowly. Most of the information so far about the Aerocap is in the Blog....Please view my Blog for now.

Two images of the Aerocap at Oshkosh, surrounding a shot of the ScanGauge at work on the way home

A Recent Intersting Discovery - is the ViGYAN's Low Speed Wind Tunnel , in Hampton, Virginia. This could be used for our final testing of values on samples after the tuft-testing has been done along the way.

I have yet to begin to prepare for tuft-testing, but have started to look at what might be needed to record the activity, video, and data, without interferring with the airflow in a road test.

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